My Teaching Life…

Teaching for 20 years has been such a blessing. I have loved most of it – minus the meetings, crazy amounts of paperwork. Teaching comes with it’s own list of challenges, but the reward is often worth it in the end!

In Colorado I worked as a 6th grade teacher, in an elementary school setting.  I taught everything but science, I had an awesome teammate who did that while I taught our kiddos social studies.  I worked closely with students to gain independence and self-efficacy as well as drilling into them to always, always do their best!  My teammate and I ran a tight ship and prepared our students for the big jump to Middle School.  It always made me smile when kids would visit and say how “easy” Middle School was, and I would reply, you are welcome!  While in Colorado, I earned my Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in Literacy.  My passion has always been to teach kids to love reading!

When I moved to Texas, I was first hired on to teach 4th graders Math, Science and Social Studies.  It was a HUGE jump, but I had an amazing group of students that first year.  Even as a well-seasoned teacher (I taught in Colorado for 13 years!), that first year in Texas felt like I was bran-new all over again!  My second year, I moved up to 5th grade, still teaching Math and Science for one year until a Reading/Writing/Social Studies position opened up for me.  I was thrilled to finally be teaching what I was most comfortable doing!  Don’t get me wrong, a good teacher can truly teach anything!

After teaching in Texas for 7 years, I have found myself as a first time mom and have made the decision to stay-at-home while I can with my little one.  I do plan on returning when he is older, but for now, I’m very content being “just a mom.”  A big part of me will always be as a teacher, even now, as my little naps, I am thinking of what book to read next to stay caught up in the world of teaching!