About Me…
After twenty years in the classroom, I have traded grading and paperwork for crayons, diapers, and the privilege of being a mommy. Fueled by mostly caffeine and some incredible vitamins, I have carved out time to raise my little one, help my hubby grow his business, have a little fun with crafts that I finally have the time to do, and help preserve our family history.
I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and I’m sure my experiences will bleed into my writings here. Family was always close by, and for a while we even shared a party line! We saw each other often, even in the hallways at school! And while we are miles and miles apart now, we still find ways to stay connected.
I was married at 43 and had our child when I was 45. Yes, you read that right… 43! In 2008, after living in Colorado for the most of my life, I made the difficult decision to leave (I was the last holdout from our family…everyone else had moved to various spots around the country). I was single, owned a cute townhouse (that remained on the market for a LONG time, thank you housing crash). I moved down to Houston, Texas to be closer to my two sisters, their families and my parents.
Ironically, my future husband, who lived in the Dallas area, also moved down to Houston the same summer. Even though we didn’t meet until 2012, we had similar experiences – our first hurricane came only months after both of us had settled into our new homes and routines. When we met, it was like fate had stepped in. Surprisingly he lived in the neighborhood next to my parents! Two years after we were married, we were blessed with our little guy and, so far I’ve been able to stay home and be a mom!